What is your product line? We offer a line of brand merchandise that reflects The 55 Lifestyle mindset, and products through 3rd party affiliates that correspond with our blogs.

What type of brand merchandise do you sell? We have textiles such as t-shirts and sports wear, along with coffee mugs and eco-friendly items like totes and water containers. 

Do you accept custom orders? Absolutely! Simply email our customer service crew with what you want. Tell us the style of clothing (T-shirt, sweat shirt, hoodie, etc.), the size, color, and what design you want. We can change and mix and match logos on mugs with clothing and vice-versa, so the possibilities are up to you.

How do you fulfill orders? We use Print On Demand companies, with highest priority given to U.S. based small businesses first. We use POD services for two reasons: first, it is a great business model where orders are only created when received, so costs of inventory will not be passed on to our consumers and allows us to be competitive. Second (and very important to us), the POD service is eco-friendly. We're not creating additional demands on resources for materials, transportation, shipping, storage, or packaging. 

Do you have a shipping and refund policy?  Yes, both can be found in the footer section of our site. They are, and we apologize in advance, very "lawyer-y" in tone. Rest assured, if you have a problem with an order, just reach out to us, we'll do everything we can to make it right for you!